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Louise is happy to work with fabric that you provide yourself, providing it is suitable for the application.  Alternatively you can purchase fabric through Louise.  Below is a selection of recommended fabric companies.  Fabric from other companies can also be ordered, please contact Louise for more information or advice on choosing a material. 


Based in Hampshire, Lindwood produce contemporary and classic patterned fabrics, lovely washable velvets, linens and plain weaves.


Produce bold beautiful modern prints by various designers.  The patterned fabrics are printed on  linen, made in Lancashire, supporting British manufacture and ecologically responsible production.


Made on the Isle of Bute, these wool woven fabrics in modern textures and great colour ranges work very well on mid century and contemporary furniture.

Abraham Moon & Sons

Woollen furnishing fabrics woven in West Yorkshire. Checks, plains and patterns suitable for upholstery and soft furnishings. 

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